Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arrogance In The Face Of Insignificance

This evening I watched a YouTube video that I'd seen many times before, but had previously neglected to like or favorite. Whatever the reason I failed to do so before, finally performing this long-overdue task automatically posted to my Facebook. Well, as I was posting a reply to a friend regarding it, I found myself writing enough of an essay a comment to make into an acceptable post.

So here we are! JT, thank-you for bringing this awe-inspiring video back to my attention alongside a rather awesome piece of news.

Honestly, the idea that the universe was made for us is so arrogant it puts me into a state of shock.

It doesn't matter how many times I watch this video, it always fills me with awe and humility at how incredibly insignificant we are - just trying to imagine the size of these stars is mind boggling enough, then you get hit with the fact that's just in our tiny little galaxy. A galaxy that's just one of hundreds of thousands sprinkled across an infinite black expanse.

The idea we're "alone" much less "special" is a hysterical impossibility.

It makes the concept of religion so much more ridiculously absurd than it already was. We're less than a speck of a speck of a speck, how anyone can think a deity would be involved with us on any kind of direct and continuous level is kinda demented. Even the most agnostic forms of deism need to expand the distance a little more for such an idea to even be remotely considerable.

It doesn't even make much sense if hypothetically every planet (1.4 Billion in OUR GALAXY ALONE) had their own deity, which is generally the unavoidable starting point of convenience when arguing theistic claims, as most ignorantly act as though Earth is the only planet to discuss. It's a little better of an idea, but I'd like to see someone get a religious individual to admit it! It would make their god a very tiny god in such a pantheon indeed, considering the size of his planet.

I present this statement to theists now: in arguing your god cares so much about the details of humanity and this planet, you are arguing that he is a very small god rather low on the totem pole of deities. The less your deity cares about details and the less it is directly involved, the more I'm going to take you seriously. I rather prefer the 'cosmic energy' sort of approaches to bullshit. Thus I deem Star Wars a more reliable source or religion than Christianity.

When you get down to specifics like a strangely human-behaving god creating a son to sacrifice on a minuscule speck of a planet, there is so little logic it hurts. If there is something that rules over this enormous of a universe, there is no sense to be made out of it caring about human "sin" much less paying much attention to this planet that closely at all. Then you hit concepts like literal creationism and all hope is lost for sane thought processes.

It took six days to create an itty bitty teeny weeny speck, but just one to create the rest of the infinitely complex universe? Assuming that's what 'lights in the sky' mean, e.g. planets and stars. I'm having a hard time figuring out how can anyone be that mentally defunct.

The arrogance and absurdity of religion can only be matched in scale by the expanse of the universe.

(Thanks, Jesse.)

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